Save up to 75% of Floor Space & Improve Order-Picking Productivity

Carousels are one of the fastest, most efficient technologies available for order picking operations. High density carousels save space and increase productivity by bringing parts and components to the order picker or assembly worker (goods to person). Alternative Technologies supports a broad array of dynamic Horizontal and Vertical Carousel and Vertical Lift Module systems to help you achieve the following results:

Horizontal Carousel
Horizontal Carousel
  • Increased Productivity – Order selection is organized for efficient picking and faster throughput.
  • Improved Accuracy – Pick-to-Light technology improves accuracy 100%.
  • Space Savings – Save up to 75% floor space.
  • Flexibility – Easily adjust workstation configuration to meet peak season picking requirements.
  • Improved Worker Ergonomics – Work stations designed for ergonomic order selection.

Horizontal Carousels consist of a series of bins, similar to a bay of shelving, attached to an oval track. The bins rotate, bidirectionally, on demand to deliver stored goods to an operator at a workstation/Pod. The carousel system can be stand alone or configured with multiple units in an integrated system to further increase pick rates, often for batch picking applications.

Vertical Carousels consists of a series of carriers and intermediate shelves that rotate vertically to deliver selected goods to a waist height picking station. Available in a wide range of heights, depths and widths, our vertical carousels meet virtually any storage and retrieval requirement.

Vertical Lift Module
Vertical Lift Module

Vertical Lift Module (VLM) ­is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays, an extraction platform and a series of electronic controls that delivers goods to an ergonomically designed workstation where an operator picks or replenishes the goods. The VLM automatically locates stored goods and retrieves trays from both the front and rear of the unit with a push of a button or a scan of a bar code.

Even More ….

Control Software – Various software options are available for interface to all carousel solutions.

Pick to light technology – the operator is directed to the exact pick location, improving accuracy rates to 100%

Batch Picking – Pick multiple orders at the same time – Pick & Put directed lights provide accurate and fast processing of multiple orders eliminating wasted time and motion resulting in high productivity gains.

Order Picking System Design (Link)