Conveyor technology is used to efficiently move raw materials, parts and finished goods from point to point. Alternative Technologies supports a full range of conveyor system solutions; all built for durability, reliability and flexibility. Our material handling associates are experts in the latest conveying technology to custom design your solution for easy integration with both manual and automated solutions.

Many kinds of conveying systems are available, and are used according to the various application needs.

  • Gravity Conveyor – This is the most cost-effective type of conveyor. Rollers on an inclined surface use gravity to move product.
  • Powered Belt Conveyor – Provides smooth surface and consistent automated flow.
  • Live Roller Conveyors – A series of rollers move product by the application of power to all or some of the rollers.
  • Accumulation Conveyor – Sensors monitor flow providing accumulation without product damage.
  • Sortation Conveyor – Sorters separate products from in-feed conveyor lines to packing, palletizing and shipping stations.
  • Vertical/Incline ConveyorMoves product vertically without Ex. Incline/Decline Belt and Roller and Spiral.

Alternative Technologies will help you develop the right conveying or material flow solution for your business. Following a Material Flow Assessment we’ll help you design alternative system layouts and/or improvement plans, all within your budget requirements.