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Gain added storage space and value-generating workspace under the same roof by converting your existing static pallet rack or shelving to ActivRAC’s mobile aisle storage. Unlike the traditional static storage concept, mobilized storage systems create an aisle only where and when needed to provide full 100% accessibility to all materials for quick, safe retrieval without wasting space.

Selective Rack vs ActivRac
Creates up to 100% More Storage in the Same Space

ActiveRAC Mobile Storage Rack Systems are simple to install and easily handle materials of different sizes and weights to deliver prompt payback.

With multiple space-consuming aisles, conventional static storage wastes significant space. ActivRAC mobilized storage creates up to 100% more storage in the same space by using one moving aisle vs multiple static aisles. All faces are accessible.



Selective Rack vs ActivRac
Create 50% More Space for Revenue Generating Activities

Static shelving occupies valuable floor space which could be devoted to additional storage or production activity. By eliminating multiple aisles, ActivRAC will free up as much as 50% of your existing storage space for additional storage or revenue-generating activity, without the cost of expanding


ActivRAC® Mobile Shelving

The ActivRAC shelving storage system is designed specifically for light- to medium-duty material storage and stocking needs within manufacturing, merchant wholesale and distributions environments. This mechanically assisted manual system allows the user to compact the storage footprint but maintain 100% SKU accessibility with the simple turn of a handle. The result is improved operational efficiency and increased productivity. Ideal for parts, tool storage, supplies, batch samples and point of use materials.

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