No two businesses are alike, and neither are their storage and logistics needs. We help integrate the right combination of storage mediums for your unique product mix and throughput requirements; designed to optimize warehouse efficiency, with the flexibility to adapt with business shifts and expand for future growth.

For additional information regarding storage system design recommendations and guidelines – See our resource page

A Few of the Storage Systems We Offer…

Selective Pallet Rack
Selective Rack is the most common type of warehouse storage rack, providing easy accessibility and selectivity to all products at all times – important for faster moving SKU’s (high inventory turns). A typical layout will have single rows against the wall, followed by back-to-back in the center, with fork-lift aisles in between. Each pallet is accessible at the aisle-face.

Selective Storage Rack
Drive-In/Drive-Through Rack

Drive-In Racking
Drive-In is a cost-effective solution for high density storage, ideal for large quantities of relatively few items (SKU’s), or for storing several pallets of the same SKU. Pallets are set on rails that run the full depth of the system within rack upright frames. Pallet loads are stored 2 to 10 loads deep alleviating the need for multiple aisles, reducing space requirements. Forklifts drive into the system to deposit and retrieve pallets. Drive-In is a Last-In/First-Out System (LIFO). With the addition of an aisle on the opposite side of the system, Drive-Thru Racking provides First-In/First Out (FIFO) inventory management – put-away on one end and retrieval on the other end.

Push-Back Rack Systems
Push-Back combines the high density of Drive-In with greater selectivity. Rack using a series of nested rolling carts sitting on inclined rails. Available from 2 to 5/6 deep, the first pallet load is stored on the top cart. Subsequent carts are exposed by pushing back the loaded cart closest to the aisle cart with the incoming pallet load on the forklift. Each subsequent pallet gravity feeds forward to the front for removal for LIFO stock rotation.  Unlike Drive-In, each push-back level can store a unique product (SKU), offering enhanced selectivity as well as improved productivity with pallets always at the aisle face.

Push-Back Systems
Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet Flow Rack
Pallet Flow is a high density pallet storage system using slightly inclined rails with rollers, allowing pallets to move easily along the sloped plane.  Typically first-in/first-out (FIFO), pallets are loaded at the top end of the slightly inclined rack and glide safely and effortlessly at a controlled pace to the other side.  Pallet flow systems often have complex motion and braking systems to control the speed of the moving pallet and can range from shallow storage 2 to 4 deep to deep lane 5 to 10 deep, depending on the application.

Carton Flow Rack
Carton Flow Rack is a gravity-fed case or piece pick system ideal for applications with numerous or slower moving SKU’s.  Cartons are fed into storage lanes from one aisle and retrieved in the next, separating picking and replenishment activities.  Carton Flow can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with Conveyor, Pick-To-Light and Multi-level Pick Modules in complex systems.

Carton Flow Rack
Case Flow Track

Multi-Level Pick Modules
Pick Modules are engineered systems incorporating a variety of storage mediums, including Pallet Rack, Pallet Flow, Carton Flow integrated with Conveyor into Multi-Level Order Picking workstations.

Pick Modules
Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems
AS/RS Systems consist of a variety of computer-controlled methods for automatically storing and retrieving loads from specific storage locations.  Solutions include Unit Load, Mini Load and Micro Load.

Industrial Shelving
For small part and carton storage – simple, cost-effective industrial shelving may be the answer.   It’s available in a variety of capacities and configurations for light and heavy-duty applications.

Industrial Shelving
Modular Drawers

Modular Drawers & Cabinet Systems
Modular Drawers are typically used for small parts storage, i.e. tool storage for production work stations, but also come in a wide range of sizes and configurations for larger applications.

Modular Drawers save space and provide a clean, organized and secure method of storage.